Guest Questions July

Welcome to our guest questions for July! Please continue to submit questions via our website and also through Instagram and Facebook.

When will you post again? – Anonymous

Soon! I’m going to be back with all the regular segments this August! All of the posts that were missed will be put up very very soon. I’m so sorry the posts have been missed. If you want to see what is coming up go visit our Instagram where all the posts are up to date.

Are printed F3/F4 timetables with Barangaroo avalible? – J. Nho

Yes, they are avalible and you can get them from the staff at Barangaroo Wharf or by putting in a mail request here.

Are printed timetables for Interline/Hillsbus/Other Operators avalible? – bst_secret_vlogs

Yes, they are avalible and you can request them through the individual operators website or through this link.

The Nine Ways intersection is now a nightmare since they installed lights, are they going to fix it? – C. Gee

Unfortaunly not. They will however change the phasing and layout over time. 

Is there a bus from Clovelly to Bondi Junction? – Anonoymous 

Yes and it’s this weeks route of the week. The 360 operates between North Clovelly and Bondi Junction. It operates through much of Clovelly.

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