Guest Question June

When will my requests, the 288, 294, 289 be Route of the Week? – ZACH A.

Look out for them in upcoming routes of the week, there is currently a slight backlog though due to the overwhelming demand for everyones favourite route to be featured, so it might not be till October for all of the routes to be featured. Despite the backlog, we are still accepting requests for route of the week, but we encourage them to be private routes.

What do you think of the new double decker buses we’ll be getting? – CAROL M.

I think they are good for long range routes such as the 607x, L90, M61, etc where the bus is travelling 20+ kms without stopping. Double Deckers are not suited to suburban running where passengers are getting on and off every 500 metres, for which bendy buses are better.

When will the new growth buses services from the budget be introduced? – ALEX M.

The route shown in the plan are simply the routes that are guaranteed to receive timetable upgrades this year. The exact dates of implementation is likely yet to be decided.

Can we request buses for the Private Routes or other modes of transport (train, ferry) – ANONYMOUS

Of course, we greatly encourage that our readers request their favourite routes regardless of mode or operator, this includes private buses. One upside to requesting a differnt mode to Sydney Buses is you wont ahve to wait as long as the backlogs are non-existent.

Why do some services not stop outside school despite being scheduled to do so? – WILL P.

This is a major issue, some services may no be stopping as they are already overcrowded or the divers don’t believe all intending passengers will fit. In other instances, it may be that the driver just forgot to stop.

What are charter buses? – ROGIER W.

Charter Buses are buses that have been hired out to somebody for private use. Occasionally STA drivers will us a Charter desto when dead running to distinguish them from regular route services.

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