Ferry Friday 9

Today is another Ferry Friday. Our model of ferry that we will be looking at will be the RiverCats.

The RiverCats were bulit by NQEA between 1992 and 1995, being named after famous Australian female athletes. The first ferry Betty Cuthbert arrived in 1992, followed by Dawn Fraser the same year, Evonne Goolagong, Shane Gould, Marlene Mathews and Marjorie Jackson in 1993 and Nicole Livingstone in 1995.

They were ordered to replace the First Fleet ferries from the Circular Quay to Meadowbank service, whilst also allowing the service to be extended to Parramatta.

The ferries are 36.8 metres long with a max operating speed of 22 knots and a capacity of 230.

The RiverCats today operate on all F3 Parramatta River services and occasionally on F7 Eastern Suburbs services.

Dawn Fraser at Darling Harbour operating a F3 service 

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