Train Talk Tuesday 6

Over the weekend, Transport Minister Andrew Constance announced more than 200 extra weekly services to the Airport begining later this year as part of the More Trains, More Services program currently being rolled out across the Sydney Trains network.

As part of the changes, there will be more trains out of peak hour including a doubling of trains on weekends from 4 to 8 trains per hour and and increase in frequency late at night from 2 to 4 trains an hour. This means we will see a 7.5 minute frequency from the Airport to City on weekends and a 15 minute frequency late at nights.

These increases have been prompted by a large increase of patronage on the T2 Airport Line with 8.2 million passenger using the stations each year. This is an increase of a million passengers passing through the station gates last year alone. 1.8 million of these passenger are on weekends, a 42% surge in demand.

This is despite the ongoing Airport Access fee of $13.40 each time a passenger passes through the station gates or $25 for a weekly pass. It is understood that the fee will be removed in 2030.

Catching the train is the quickest way from the CBD to the Airport, taking just 10-15 minutes, whilst driving can take up to an hour, with drivers queuing for kilometres on weekends in particular.

Train arriving at Domestic Airport station

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  1. I do have a comment/topic for him if he’s interested, Hilde! As a regular commuter on the 373, it can take me up to 15-20 minutes to get from Coogee Public school (where I get on at Carr st) to Belmore Rd in Randwick. Going through The Spot is a nightmare with so many buses trying to get around the round-about, then turn left onto Cuthill St, then right onto Avoca St. It’s so annoyingly slow! What does Conor think is the best solution? Should I just suck it up and walk up to Randwick and get on there? Or walk over to the 374…which I sometimes do…my destination is Surry Hills. I need some public transport wisdom! 🙂


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