Premier Apology – Granville Train Disaster

Today Premier Gladys Berejiklian has apologised to the victims of the Granville Train Diaster. Survivors, first responders and relatives of victims sat in the gallery as the Premier made her apology.

She expressed her profound sy,patties o the victims of the tradegdy including families, survivors and the first responders. “I express my genuine heartfelt sorrow for the terrible trauma you suffered at the time and the devastating pain and loss that you’ve had to live with for many years since.” 

She also acknowledged that nothing including her apology could make up for the pain and suffering. ‘There is nothing we can do to take the pain away, but we hope today goes to acknowledging that and supporting you into the future.’

Various other members including Minister for Transport Andrew Constance, Opposition Leader Luke Foley and Member for Granville also spoke.

On the morning of January 18, 1977, 83 people died and over 200 more were injured when the train derailed causing a  bridge to collapse onto the commuter train travelling from the Blue Mountains

Pictured: The aftermath of the Granville Train Disaster
Pictured: Gladys Berejiklian apologises for Granville train disaster

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