Guest Questions – April 2017

Here at TFNSW blog we love receiving your questions and where possible, we squeeze an answer into one of our regular posts for you. But sometimes those questions, whilst relevant don’t fit into any of the regular posts scaffolds or you may have to wait ages to see a response. So we here at TFNSWBlog have decided to answer the questions we received throughout the month of April. We are hoping that provided we recive more questions, that this will become a regular feature on the last Saturday of the Month.

What are the proposed changes to the bus network between Coogee and the CBD once the light rail starts operation? Will we lose our direct service to Central? – CONCERNED 374 PASSENGERS

The changes to the bus network once the light rail opens are yet to be determined. TFNSW claims a proposed network will be announced sometime in 2018. About 2 years ago a draft of a potential network was leaked and that would suggest that the 374 would be rerouted to Edgecliff and as such you would unfortunately lose your direct bus to Central, but at this time we cannot say for certain if this is actually the case. 

What will happen to the rest of QANTASs A380 flights given they are pulling them from both the routes the fly out of Melbourne and replacing them with 787s? – ANONYMOUS 

This is not enteirly true, whilst they are pulling the a380 from QF9-10 MEL-DXB-LHR, they are not pulling it from QF93/94 MEL-LAX. In the case of the flights on the MEL-LAX route, it is QF95/96 that is getting the 787s. This service is currently operated by 747s and the aircraft used to fly this route are expected to be the next to leave the QANTAS fleet and be retired. 

In regards to what will happen to the other a380 flights, there are likely to be some changes due to the way QANTAS current schedules the a380s. The a380s currently run SYD-DXB-LHR-DXB-MEL and MEL-DXB-LHR-DXB-SYD. This will obviously be changed with the removal of the MEL-DXB-LHR segment of the schedule. This will could possibly see the retiming of QF1/2 between SYD-DXB-LHR to ensure maxiumum utislasation of the planes and also potentially the retiming of other  a380 flights. 

In addition, QANTAS has announced that there I’ll be a more regular return to the a380 on QF127/128 between SYD-HKG. The a380 currently serves this route 3 times a week in January and February but they are hinting at more regular flights throught the year. On top of this, there is also the suggestion that there may even be a380s bound for QF5/6 between SYD-SIN and QF29/30 between MEL-HKG.

Regarding the George St light rail, when will it and its various sections be completed, and how exactly will it affect traffic? – USER4206972042

The expected completion date for all works is April 2018, this includes George St. There is however the possibility that it may be later due to the unexpected finding of unideified utilities under parts of George St.

The main impact on traffic will be the complete pedestrianisation between Bathurst Street at Town Hall and Hunter Street at Wynyard, a 1 kilometre section of George Street. For the rest of George St, a single traffic lane will be maintained in each direction on the outsode of the light rail tracks. All cross traffic will be maintained along the entirety of George St.

2 Replies to “Guest Questions – April 2017”

  1. Loving the blog. Great place to get information.

    Is there going to be any time saving flying to London from Sydney via Perth on Qantas or would it be better to stick to Syd/Dubai/London?


    1. Hi Hilde, for customers flying from Sydney, the difference will be negligible, in the range of 1-2 hours. So it will depend if you want two legs of medium length or one short and one very long leg. Price will also likely come into it and the a380 flight is likely to be cheaper due to higher supply.


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