Bus Timetable Changes – May 6

There are some major timetable changes for bus services occurring on May 6. These changes affect services in the Inner West and Northern Suburbs areas serviced by State Transit. Changes will also occur for some Busways Central Coast services and Busabout Camden Services. Some minor minor scheduling changes for a limited number of services across Sydney will also happen at this time to better reflect current travel times.

Transport for NSW claims that these changes will provide greater travel options and more frequent services across a variety of routes, listed below.

Inner West Changes

  • Increased services for routes 444, 464, 466, 504, L38 and L39
  • Minor timetable adjustments for routes 303, 423, 426 and 428
  • Route 422 will be changed to run between Kogarah and City Central only. The route will also run via Parramatta Road and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Missenden Road).
  • Routes 462 and 463 will be withdrawn. Services will instead be provided by routes 464 and 466 which will be changed to no longer go via Strathfield station.
  • Route X03 will be withdrawn. Services will instead be provided by route 303.

Northern Suburbs Changes

  • Increased services for routes 501, 506, 507, 518, 521, 546, 549, M52 and M54.
  • Minor timetable adjustments for routes 500, 510, 513, 515, X15, X18, 521, 525, 540, 541, 543, 544, 552 and 553.
  • Route 545 will be changed to run between Parramatta and Macquarie Park only. The route will also run along Waterloo Road direct, with services in Fontenoy Road provided by new route 259.
  • New route 259 will be introduced to connect Macquarie Centre to Chatswood via Macquarie Park and North Ryde, replacing the section of route 545 between Macquarie Centre and Chatswood.
  • Routes 547 and 550 will be withdrawn. Services will instead be provided by route 545 which will be changed to now go via Macarthur Street.

Central Coast Changes

  • Increased services for routes 37 and 38
  • Minor timetable adjustments for routes 36 and 64
  • Routes 378 and 387 will be withdrawn. Services will instead be provided by routes 37 and 38

Camden Changes

  • Route 896 will be changed to run between Oran Park and Campbelltown direct. The route will no longer go via Gregory Hills, or divert via Smeaton Grange during peak hours. Services will instead be provided by Routes 841, 850 and 897 
  • New route 897 will run between Campbelltown and Smeaton Grange during weekday morning and afternoon peak times. replacing the section of route 896 in Smeaton Grange

Qantas 747 Retirement Date Set, 787s coming to Sydney

Qantas has today announced that they will be ordering a further six Boeing 787-9 aircraft, to be delivered in 2019-2020. These new 787 orders are in addition to the four currently on order and will take the size of the 787 fleet to 14.

As part of this, Qantas plans to accelerate the retirement of their remaining 10 Boeing 747-400 aircraft, with all aircraft leaving the fleet by November 2020. VH-OEB, the oldest of the 747s at 25 years old will be retired in July, whilst the ER variants built in 2003 – 2004 will be the last to leave the fleet.

This decision marks the end of an era for Qantas, who has operated the “Queen of the Sky” since 1971. They have operated multiple variants including dozens of individual aircraft and a stint being the worlds only 747 exclusive operator. It will mean that in 2020, for the first time in 49 years that there will be no more 747s in the Qantas fleet.

As most the 747s are based in Sydney, this will see some  787s based in Sydney. Currently no Qantas 787s fly into Sydney on a regular basis as they based in Brisbane and Melbourne. The aircraft will be used on routes to destinations such as Johannesburg, Santiago and San Francisco.

Much of the scheduling is still to be worked out, but here at Transport NSW blog, we don’t believe that all 747s will be replaced by 787s. We are tipping A380s for Hong Kong and A330s for Tokyo as these aircraft are more suited to the shorter higher demand nature of these routes. For these same reasons, we think that Hong Kong and Tokyo will be the last Qantas 747 routes. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed, but we love to speculate.

What are your opinions on retirement of the Queen of the Sky? Will you be sad to see the 747 go, or welcome the arrival of the high tech modern 787s? Let us know in the comments