Featured Bus Route – April 2018

As requested by Alex M, our featured bus route this month is Route 433.


State Transit Route 433 operates between City Central Railway and Balmain Gladstone Park via Rozelle, Harold Park, Glebe and Broadway. It is one of the routes that will be transferred to Transit Systems on July 1st as part of the Region 6 privatisation.

Route 433 has been operating since the 1950s, when it was one of many routes introduced to replace the tram system. It has previously operated to City Millers Point and Balmain East Wharf. As part of the major bus network overhaul related to the construction of the CSELR in October 2015, the decision was made to truncate at Route 433 at City Central Railway due to poor patronage through the Northern half of the CBD.

The service operates between 5am and 11pm daily. During peak hours it has a frequency of 5-10 minutes. At al other time it has a frequency out 20 minutes. The service is operated by buses with Scania chassis and Bustech VST bodywork from State Transit’s Leichhardt Depot.

Where Can You Fly? – New Zealand

Today we are looking at all of the places you can fly to in New Zealand from Sydney.

There are four destinations in New Zealand that you can fly to direct from Sydney. Six airlines operate flights including Air New Zealand, Emirates, Jetstar, LATAM, Qantas and Virgin Australia.

On routes to and from Auckland, Air New Zealand, Emirates, LATAM and Qantas use widebody aircraft, including the A380 by Emirates, 787 by AirNZ and LATAM and the A330 by Qantas. Emirates also uses the A380 on its flights to Christchurch. All other flights are operated by narrowbody aircraft such as the A320 or 737.

Routes between Sydney and New Zealand

The routes flown are;

  • Auckland – Air New Zealand, Emirates, Jetstar, LATAM, Qantas, Virgin Australia.
  • Christchurch – Air New Zealand, Emirates, Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia.
  • Queenstown – Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia.
  • Wellington – Air New Zealand,  Qantas